Once a working-class, tight-knit community, High Street estate in Pendleton, Salford, is now a shell of its former self as the site is being prepared for demolition.

The estate has been planned to be demolished in order to to make way for a regeneration project, approved by Salford City Council. Whilst most residents have been rehoused elsewhere, there are still some families remaining on what has now become a derelict estate.

Sandra Preston, a disabled woman, has lived here for thirty-three years and says that she: “has a lot of personal memories here”.

The Preston family is currently awaiting rehousing that is suitable for Sandra’s needs. In the meantime they, along with six other families, still remain here amongst the rows of boarded up houses, an empty park and green area.

Sandra said she feels: “Terrified. Night times are the worst…they’re taking drugs, drinking and using the door-holes as toilets…working-class is gone now. They’re trying to get rid of us”.

Salford City Council and Salix Homes, who run the estate, issued a joint statement on the matter. They said:

“Some of the seven remaining households have complex rehousing needs and we are very sympathetic to their situation.

“We are confident that the remaining residents will soon have somewhere they are happy to call their new home for many years to come.”

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