A man whose body was found in Salford had previously told their care worker that he had been threatened, a murder trial heard today.

Philip Edge, 55, told care co-ordinator, Philip Whittaker, a female acquaintance had tried to take his money. Giving evidence, Mr Whittaker, a social worker from Salford Royal NHS Trust, claimed on several occasions that Mr Edge was exploited by those around him.

Vincent O’Kane, 45, denies the murder of Mr Edge, at a trial at Manchester Crown Court.

In his initial statement taken by the police, Mr Whittaker said he did not know who the people that exploited Mr Edge were. But in court he identified a woman as a friend of the dead man.

The witness said he met the friend on only one occasion at Cromwell House, in Eccles, which is a mental health establishment. The court heard the victim would collect £150 from Department for Work and Pensions from Cromwell House every Wednesday.

Florence Street, Eccles

Mr Whittaker described the female friend as aggressive as she wanted access to Mr Edge’s money and alleged she was taking money from the victim.

Mr Whittaker described Mr Edge as friendly and polite but socially isolated and alcohol dependent. He also claimed that Mr Edge had schizophrenia although the witness never saw the victim having any manifestations of this.

The last occasion that Mr Whittaker saw the victim alive was on Friday, March 23rd, 2018 where he witnessed the victim’s slurred speech and saw him drinking cider. This was also the first occasion that the victim had mentioned Vincent O’Kane to Mr Whittaker. Mr Edge told the witness that Mr O’Kane was staying at his flat for a few months.

Mr Edge said that Mr O’Kane intimidated him and he didn’t want the defendant to come with him to collect his money from Cromwell House.

Mr Edge was found dead on Monday, March 26th 2018, in a property in Florence Street, Eccles.

The trial continues.


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