Increased fly-tipping in Salford is putting additional pressure on public services, according to Liam Turner, Environmental Services manager at Salix Homes

Mr Turner said fly-tipping is a huge issue in Salford and continues to put pressure on public services

Salix Homes recently organised a ‘Catch the Culprit’ campaign where they identified eight fly tippers.

The campaign took place during Salix Homes’ ‘Love Your Neighbourhood’ Week, which aims to encourage people to love where they live.

The housing association said almost three tonnes of fly-tipped waste were removed from streets, alleyways and green areas, at a cost of more than £500.

They said they will continue to clamp down on fly-tipping.

Stuart Harding, a local resident, spoke to Salford Now about a recent incident of him coming across fly-tipping. Gas cylinders and fire extinguishers were among the pieces of waste left on a path near Littleton Road in Salford.

Mr Harding said he found the waste while walking his dog.

“I was walking my dog on the usual route and saw it dumped in a heap near the river bank. I took pictures of it and then tweeted it to Salford City Council.”

He said he has complained to the Salford City Council about the fly-tipping however, it has still not been collected after 3 weeks.

“The council said they cannot do anything as it is privately owned land by the Environmental Agency.

“It’s been sitting there for three weeks now.”

Amongst the waste were fire extinguishers, rubble, boxes, a gas cylinder, a window frame, household cushions and a mirror.

Salford Now are waiting for a comment from Salford City Council.


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