The two-week programme for young children and their families running in Ordsall Hall offers a number of events and activities which are supposed to keep kids busy during their autumn half-term holidays.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, children can choose between Halloween Gnome Trail and Magic Spells and Potions attractions.

The first one consists of kids exploring Ordsall Hall in search of miniature gnomes in Halloween costumes.

The second one, allows children to work with ‘witches’ in order to create a perfect magic potion or a spell.

‘All the gnomes have got a slight tongue in cheek name and the reason for that is that it will mean nothing to children but it is something to smile and chuckle about for parents. [The gnomes] we’ve got are among others: Theresa, Boris, Jeremy and Donald of course. That’s just to make it a bit more fun for adults as well as for children.’

The entry to the Monday and Tuesday events is only £1.50.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, kids are welcome to take part in Halloween Grotto event where they can meet the Ordsall Hall witch and beat her riddles.

The entry to Halloween Grotto is priced at £5.

Due to Halloween period being one of the busiest times in a year for Ordsall Hall – there are over 300 kids attending the events daily so an early arrival is strongly advised.

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