In the 21st Century more women than ever before have the right to vote, as well as the opportunity to partake in politics and take an interest in social affairs. The Salford Working Class Movement Library celebrates the incredible journey.

The advancements made by women in politics are huge, with women holding positions of power such as Prime minister, something that would have been unheard of only fifty years ago. Therefore it is apt that The Salford Working Class Library has created the ‘Votes for Women, or Votes for Ladies?’ exhibition to celebrate women achieving the first step toward equal voting rights with men after decades of struggle.

The exhibition, which will run until 31st January 2019, is part of the heritage lottery funded project ‘Voting for Change’. The exhibition showcases suffragette memorabilia such as broaches, letters and sashes as well as information chronicling the suffrage movement. The exhibition also includes important and revolutionary speeches and books written by the suffragettes and neo-feminists which encourage women to practice violence to gain the vote, a radical move in the 20th Century when women were expected to be ‘passive’ and to ‘behave’.

The Salford Working Class Movement Library draws on their collections to do better justice to the long, complex and broadly based campaigns that led up to the partial success of the suffragettes In gaining voting equality for women.

For more information on the exhibition you can visit the Salford Working Class Movement Library’s webpage:

The exhibition will run until the 31st January 2019 and is open Wednesday – Friday from 13:00 – 17:00pm.


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