A Salford Mixed Martial Arts fighter has received sponsorship from the sports supplier business, Positive Health, and Nutrition.

Thomas Melody, a 21-year-old amateur Flyweight mixed martial arts fighter from Salford, has been making strides to get his name known in the world of MMA.

In the past week he has gained the sponsorship of a sports supplier Positive Health and Nutrition, who are based in Bredbury, Stockport.

They offer products such as, Sports Supplies, Protein Powders, Fat Burners, bodybuilding supplements and Organic foods.

Tom was delighted with his sponsorship, as not many amateur fighters are able to obtain sponsors. He said, “It gives me that sense of pride and hopefully pushes me further.” He spoke about the things they do for him, especially when he’s cutting weight for a fight, “They do everything for me, my dieting, my cutting weight, absolutely everything, you name it they do it for me, so I don’t have to worry about anything up to the fight I’m already on track for the weight.”

Tom also spoke to me about his fight career so far, click on the video below to listen to my interview with him.

Tom has been training out of Salford Mixed Martial Arts for the past five years, where he has been under the watchful eye of head coaches, Darren Sherlock and Brian Higgins, who have both huge knowledge of the sport of mixed martial arts.

The Flyweight prospect was victorious in his last fight in Liverpool, where he won by ankle lock in the second round back in August.

Tom aims to fight again around March time, where he hopes to pick up another win, which can push him closer to his end goal, being a Flyweight Champion.

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