Salford’s Peel Park looks for locals to help on their volunteer day.

Since 2016, the Peel Park rangers have been doing volunteer days to get people in the local community to help out with the maintenance of the park.

The volunteer days are a part of a lottery-funded programme for the Salford voluntary rangers.

Joseph Palframan, a ranger at Peel Park said: “It improves the local community, it improves the area for wildlife and having the volunteers means we can get much more work done.”

Joseph Palframan, a ranger at Peel Park, Salford

This allows volunteers to get involved in various activities and to help around the park

The tasks include general maintainance which includes gathering up leaves and debris, cutting back vegetation and checking newly planted trees in the area.

Jessica Britch, a ranger at Peel Park, Salford

The sessions are open to everyone over sixteen and include a variety of tasks to see different abilities.

As well as Peel Park, the other parks which people can volunteer at in the Salford area are Clifton country park, Worsley woods.

Mr. Palframan said:” I have always had a keen interest in the environment, and I think we should all do our bit to help if we are doing everything we can to help habitats we ultimately improving the lives of the wildlife in the area.”

Peel Park also hold similar events such as a litter picking and river clean-ups regularly, their next event is Wednesday 12th. More events can be found on their website.

If you want to volunteer see for more information at or email at

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