Mission Christmas

Cash for Kids are reaching out to the people of Salford for their Mission Christmas Campaign.

Hits Radio Manchester run the campaign annually.

Last Christmas £3 million worth of toys were donated to 60,000 children, 4,201 of the children were from Salford.

Mission Christmas’ aim is to make sure every child in Greater Manchester has a present to open on Christmas day.

Cash for Kids works all year round to fund raise for underprivileged and disabled children, with Mission Christmas being their biggest campaign of the year.

Michelle Williamson, charity manager, said: “Believe it or not in Greater Manchester almost 1 in 3 children are living in poverty.

“That means they are going to bed without a hot meal, they are living in a house where they can’t afford central heating and they don’t have a sufficient school uniform.

“Sadly for these families Christmas is a luxury they simply can’t afford.That’s were Mission Christmas comes in, we try to get everyone to buy an extra gift and we distribute it into the community.”

Currently, there are 37 collection points in Salford including; Tesco Extra, Sainsbury Supermarkets and the Salford Community Fire Station.

“We don’t liaise directly with families that would be impossible for us to police in a short space of time over December but we liaise with social workers, teachers, hospitals, care homes and community centres.

“People in an official position to nominate families in need and they distribute on our behalf.”

Ms. Williamson also urges people to come to the warehouse to see how everything is working as well as dropping off their gifts. The warehouse is located on Baring Street in Manchester.


To find your nearest collection point and to learn more about Cash for Kids click here.

Hits Radio’s Mission Christmas is in partnership with B&M, Fosters Financial and Key Radio.




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