A Salford artist has created bespoke Christmas gifts from natural materials.  

Salford resident Gillian Robb created her business ‘Bespoke Creations by Lady Ginny‘ and has been using various natural materials she finds in local parks to create Christmas gifts.

Speaking about how she gathers the materials, Robb explained: “I go round to different parks, I pick up the acorns, the cones, the pine cones and I make Christmas wreaths, table decorations and trees. I did try to do little decorations for the kids, but I got so overwhelmed with all the rest I never get time to do them!”.

Robb spent many years living in Germany due to her husband working in the forces. Eventually, she moved back to the United Kingdom and became bored of her nine to five job.

She said: “I was fed up with my office job and I just thought ‘what else could I do?’ so I’d been collecting pine cones in Germany, I used to make a couple here and there and sell them in the local shop and give them away as presents.




“So I started making them a few years ago and from there just evolved.”


Robb has seen a rapid growth over the duration of her venture. She has gone from sending them to various people as gifts, to selling her products in market stalls across Greater Manchester.

She has also created various social media pages to gain an online presence.

Creating the gifts

She also explained the process in which her products go from pine cones in her local park in Salford to being sold from a market stall.

Explaining the process she said: “It starts with the straw wreath and I will literally put the first layer on, then the second layer and, depending on how I’m making them, then add the acorns, the cones and all the little bits and pieces.

“I do the local fairs. I just do the Christmas fairs at the moment, but I’m looking to do some different things for the summer.”

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