Salford residents were thrilled at the results of a litter pick in Peel Park today.

Park keeper, Jess Britch took part in the pick, by the University of Salford’s Peel Park campus along with several volunteers and the results were well received by visitors to the park.

Bettie Cheung, who regularly walks her five dogs on Peel Park, said: “We love this park, it has changed in the last decade, the university has done very well”.

Bettie’s husband John expressed his gratitude: “We have a lot of respect and are very grateful for them doing this”.

The aim of the event was to dispose of any litter that was lying around the park and surrounding areas to prevent safety issues for animals and visitors.

Joe, a Park Ranger, said: “It is important as litter is a form of pollution and it detracts from the beauty of the park and can give it a sense of neglect”.

Joe goes on to say:” If we don’t keep on top of the litter it can build up”.

The litter pick also keeps the park looking ‘beautiful’ as the vegetation dies off during the Autumn and Winter season this is when the pollution becomes more visible.

“We even found a supermarket trolly!”

The group found a number of items scattered around the greenery including, glass, food containers, bottles and cans.

Bettie has seen a rise in littering and she added: “We see wine bottles and we even found a supermarket trolly abandoned on the hill, just on the field”.

Each member was carrying a bin bag and a litter picker, within 20 minutes Jess Britch had already filled her first bag, she said: “I know that our grounds maintenance team were in last week so they have done a bit of litter picking this is not as bad as it can be”.

Jess Britch the Park Keeper

Jess is urging people to get involved to look after their community Park by throwing their rubbish into the bins provided and arranging activities she added: “It would be good if we could do a launch for the park, to say activities are starting here as well we just need to think of the best way we can get the word out”.

Jess Britch explains how much litter she has picked.

John said: “I can be a volunteer myself, I think certainly more people would come to help if they knew when to gather.”

Lauren Millward’s radio package covering the litter pick

The keepers are constantly advertising the event on social media to gain more volunteers, for more information on how to get involved contact the rangers on,

Peel Park’s Facebook Page

Vanessa Akpan’s TV Package on the Peel Park litter pick.

Sam Smith has her view on litterers

Sam and Lauren.
Just one piece of litter we found during the pick


Lauren helped to dispose of the litter

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