Over the weekend Greater Manchester’s Metrolink underwent a major restructure with the introduction of zonal pricing. 

On Sunday, Transport for Greater Manchester, the company who run the Metrolink trams, launched their new zonal system that they believe will provide “simpler, more convenient and flexible fares that will make using the network easier than ever.”

Salford tram stops will be located in Zone 2, meaning that an adult single ticket in just Salford’s zone will cost £1.40.

Below is a map of the zones in place, as well as the pricing table for each.

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Tram violence in manchesterTfGM’s Customer Director Stephen Rhodes, said: “We’ve been working tirelessly to get ready for zonal, which is undoubtedly the single biggest change we’ve made that will affect – for the better – the vast majority of Metrolink customers.

“Although it will make buying a ticket and using the network simpler, we want to ensure we’ve got plenty of staff on hand to help customers as this change beds-in.

“That’s why there’ll be extra staff, myself included, at all 93 stops on Sunday and at key locations on the following days and I’d encourage anyone who is unsure about the zonal system to come and speak to us – after all, that is what we’ll be there for.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, said: “Transport was a one of my biggest focuses last year and will continue to be one of my top priorities in 2019.

Andy Burnham Greater Manchester Mayor
Photo by NHS Confederation

“The introduction of zonal fares – which will be followed in the coming months with contactless ticketing – is the next step towards delivering the modern, integrated transport system we need in Greater Manchester.

“A zonal system is easy to understand and offers people better value for money, giving people the freedom to enjoy more journeys for the same price.

“Earlier this week we published our Transport 2040 delivery plan listing 65 projects that we will seek to prioritise over the next five years. I am committed to prioritising projects which encourage people to change how they commute and reduce use of the car, including new train stations, two new Metrolink stops, as well as boosting parking capacity at existing sites.

“New thinking on integrated transport is crucial if we are to help people change how they move around, bring levels of road congestion under control and achieve our legal obligations to clean up our air.”

Further information about the zones and fares can be found at www.tfgm.com/zones.

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