LUNG Theatre’s ‘Trojan Horse‘ will premiere at the Lowry this evening.

The play won the Scotsman Fringe First Award and the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and is based on a national scandal that happened in 2014, where schools in Birmingham were being accused of radicalising children.

The show, written by director Matt Woodhead and Helen Monks, is constructed from over 200 hours of interviews from people involved in the scandal as well as public documents and contains words from individuals spoken at public hearings.

Salford Now sat down with Woodhead to preview their opening night and what impact they feel this play can have.

Credit: Author
From left to right; Matt Woodhead, Director; Madiha Ansari, Engagement Manager; Keshini Misha, Actor

“I think what we are doing is putting out another side of the story that hasn’t been put out yet and hasn’t been heard before.

“At the minute, the sphere in which of the stories of heard are shrinking and shrinking and theatre is increasingly feeling like one of the only places where you can platform another voice that will be heard.

“What we are doing more than anything is just saying to people who are coming to see the show that this is the other side that you haven’t heard so you can make up your own mind.”

The play is on at the Lowry until Saturday 12th October.


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