The Circus 1903 came to town last night at The Lowry bringing an array of different acts and life size puppet elephants.

Circus 1903 took us on a trip back to the beginning of the 1900’s and started with Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade and his magic tricks.

The circus acts come from around the world with their skills and it started with the cast and The Roustabouts showing of their skills.

The Daring Desafios from Brazil performed next on a teeterboard performing flips and tricks to impress the crowds.

The first half showed many more acts from around the world including a balancing act from The Sensational Sozonov and The Elastic Dislocationist from Ethiopia which was shocking to watch but you could not look away.

The puppeteers in the elephants really showed how an elephant behaves, even the relationship with the older and younger elephant was shown perfectly.

The second half of the show just got stronger and more amazing acts performed in front of the packed out theatre.

The ringmaster called out on children in the audience to help him with his magic tricks to win prizes throughout the show.

The magic and Willy’s witty comments had the audience in stitches with laughter and the show ended with a standing ovation from the audience which was well deserved.

Image credit: Imogen Holland

Overall the show was brilliant with all the tricks, jokes and animals all coming together to create a showstopping performance.

The cast were really talented and had true passion for their skills.

Circus 1903 on at The Lowry until 24th November.

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