The No Names live and up close.

In a modest, underground venue entitled The Bullring hidden away in Eccles’ Malaga Drift coffee shop, the No Names rocked the room on Saturday night.

With advertisements for the show promising a diverse range of music from their first-ever gig, the band of five’s songs were just as diverse as their members.

Their setlist included classic rock covers such as The Beatles’ Don’t Let Me Down and David Bowie’s Heroes, both of which can be viewed down below.

Later on, the band took on songs from more psychedelic and energetic bands such as The Stone Roses and Queens of the Stone Age. Even a country song was performed later on in the night.

The main adult band from Eccles music school The Music Shed seemed to have a mix of experience within a concert setting.

Geoff the bassist has had more experience whereas some of his other bandmates have not.

Drummer Rachael McNally said: “We’re amateurs and have only been together about six months so we’re very new to everything”

In spite of this, the band’s performance was very professional and they had a confident and natural manner on stage.

Vocalist Simon Wild performed confidently within his versatile range.

His ability to transition from a gravelly rock tone to a high and melodic register enabled the band’s varied setlist to be performed with ease. The band supporting him with backing vocals also helped their immersive performance.

The band’s passion had a big effect on the audience with enthusiastic applause and cheering throughout.

The only complaint from the audience seemed to be that there wasn’t an encore! The two co-owners of The Music Shed, Dave and Dawn Luvin, could be seen loving every song. The performance has evidently made the school proud too.

Ultimately, the No Names put on a consistent and lively show and demonstrated the best of what home-grown Salfordian music has to offer.

A performance definitely worth more than their pay of two pints!

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