This week, Anchorage offices have been hosting a pop-up Christmas shop, offering guests a range of items to fill up their loved ones’ stockings.

Running from 11am until 2pm each day, the Anchorage halls were decked to the nines, as they welcomed the people of Salford Quays to browse the stalls available, offering both branded and independent gifts.

Since December 2nd, the office building has played host to Molton Brown, Ixia Flowers and – the star of the show today – Hilly’s ceramics.

Hilary Kerr, founder of Homemade by Hilly, has been making her porcelain treats for over a decade.

“I’ve been dealing with clay for about 10 years,” she said. “I work in my studio at home and every single piece is hand-made, hand-painted, hand-glazed and completely individual.”

At Hilly’s humble stall, customers are greeted with a selection of homemade porcelain gifts, including colourful dishes, Christmas ornaments and handprinted tags, each one completely unique.

But there is one gift that Hilly holds closest to her heart: the white porcelain snowflakes.

The pop-up shop gives customers an opportunity to pick up gifts that are a little different from the norm, so you can get your loved ones something extra special.

“You could just buy something from Next, or whatever, that’s just been made in a factory, and loads of people will have it, and thats fine,” Hilly said, “or you might decide to spend the same amount of money and buy something that’s a one-off, unique little piece of art.”

Find Hilly’s stall at the final day of the pop-up today at the Anchorage offices, directly opposite the Anchorage tram stop. And bring your credit card!

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