The Salford Art Club has unveiled its members’ latest work, a series of sketches made at their Christmas special still life session. 

The club, which was founded in 1947, meets every Wednesday at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery for a two-hour session to practise drawing and painting.

It has 50 members of which 20 to 30 attend regularly. Activities follow a monthly cycle, alternating portrait, live and still life sessions as well as talks or demonstrations once every month.

Philip Westcott, social media manager at the club, said: “We have a full range of members from University students to retired people. We’ve just had our big exhibition, which was a big success.”

The Christmas drawings were made by members of the club in one evening only.

Mr Westcott added: “We did this Christmas still life session similarly to something we did for Halloween earlier this year. The still life is displayed in the middle and then people around make sketches.”

Pictures courtesy of Salford Art Club.

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