Current planning applications from Salford City Council shows the proposal to knock down the Adelphi Lads Club and build 32 apartments.

The Adelphi Lads Club was formed in 1888 to give local boys from deprived areas a venue to do something to stay out of trouble.

In 1921, the Lads Club moved to the corner of Cannon Street, cornering North George Street. 

In it’s duration, the club ran many sports teams including boxing and football, as well as teaching lessons in book and clog repairs.The club was described as a second home or family to many of it’s members.

 In the 1950’s Adelphi was one of the oldest surviving and most traditional clubs in Britain.

For over 125 years Adelphi Lads Club has offered local young people the opportunity to improve themselves, make friends and have fun.

In its time club workers would use their positive experiences at Adelphi to form other clubs, most notably Ancoats Lads Club.

It’s impact of the community had weakened in the 2000’s, with  a lack of interest and vandalism making the club financially impossible to maintain.

In April 2010 however, a fire started in the building mains hall after a group of youths had been spotted loitering on the roof.

Among the fire, not only was the building damaged, but hundreds of historic mementos and pictures of former members who fought and died in the war were lost.

Now, the plans for the Adelphi Lads Club aim to demolish the building in order to erect 32 residential apartments with a ground floor commercial unit. 

The proposal has been ongoing since 2016, with it’s most recent meeting occurring on the 3rd of December this year. 

In this proposal, the issue of a loss of a historical building arises, as well as the request to maintain the Adelphi Lads Club legacy through a name.

When asked the question “Do you think the demolition of the Adelphi Lads Club will be a historic loss for the city?”, 72.5% of our readers voted yes.

Twitter user Stephen Parkinson stated:

Many residents are questioning the introduction of the flats and asking if the removal of the club removes the chances for youths to get involved in sport.

For more information on the Adelphi Lads Club, check out the Manchester and Salford Family History website.

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