Salford’s Dogs4Rescue has big plans to renovate its rescue centre to be completed by 2020.

The home-based rescue centre has has grown rapidly since it opened in 2013 and owner Emma Billington has hopes for the rescue centre to keep expanding.

The rescue centre has plans to expand their sanctuary by creating a new viewing area that enables people to bond with the rescue dogs while also keeping the sanctuary dogs, that are unable to be re-homed, undisturbed. The current viewing area is a conservatory, which isn’t ideal for the number of dogs that they have which is over 40.

Image Credit: Emma Billington

Emma voiced her plans by saying: “We are making a beautiful viewing area where people can come and see the dogs and spend time with them and do a proper matching process.”

The entire renovation budget has mainly been made up of donations from firms in and around Manchester allowing them to get nearly everything for free including digger hires and a brand new kitchen.

The rescue is going to include a petting zoo where children will be able to come and interact with the dogs and the other animals. The animals on the farm include pigs, sheep and even ferrets. The pigs are able to sit for treats and the children will also be able to take the sheep for walks down the lane.

This entire process is to help revolutionise the idea of animal rescue and to change everybody’s perspective about what it looks like, what it is like to visit, the support they get and the dogs.

Emma stated: “We are growing at a rate of Notts and the only thing setting us back was that there was nowhere really for people to come and have a good experience. This is what this is all about now.”

Image Credit: Emma Billington

Not only will there be a viewing area for the rescue dogs but, visitors will also be able to see the sanctuary dogs through a hide hole. This will allow visitors to see the sanctuary dogs without them being aware or disturbed.

As well as visiting the rescue dogs, there will be an opportunity to bring your own dog to the visitor’s garden. The visitor’s garden will enable dog owners to bring their current dog to match with the rescue dogs and enable owners to see how the dogs get on with each other.

A renovation took place last year at Dogs4Rescue after Sherry, a two-legged sanctuary dog, took part in a marathon to raise money for the rescue centre.

The funds went towards the sanctuary area that includes synthetic grass which was donated, an under-floor heated cabin and two exercise areas. The theme of the sanctuary area will be continued into the new renovation by basing it around car tires.

Below is a snippet of the renovations happening currently.

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