FoodCycle in Salford has been recycling used food to providing a free meal for Salford’s less fortunate.

With an estimated 10 million tonnes of food wasted every year in the UK, Salford Langworthy’s new project “FoodCycle” offers a free three-course meal every Tuesday from 6 PM to 8 PM to help feed those in need of a hot dinner.

The project aims to conserve the environment and help galvanize the community to share a meal and make new friends at Christmas time.

Rodger Cairnes, FoodCycle Programme Leader said: “Food Cycle is a national charity where we reuse food that is going to be chucked away by supermarkets. In doing so we cook a three-course meal for the local community, at the same time as stopping food waste.

We tend to hope that the people that come along are maybe benefits, low incomes, homeless. It means that people get a hot meal and go home with a full stomach at the end of the day.”

With over 39 projects across the country FoodCycle has cooked over 275,000 meals for those impecunious and short of money.



Jonathan Riley, a volunteer for FoodCycle said: “I have been volunteering for FoodCycle for nearly a year now.

I believe it is good to help out the community, and play our part in helping others and also the environment at the same time.”

“All the food we take here is all left overproduce that would otherwise be thrown away. We rescue it, we take it and transform it into healthy food for the community who would otherwise not have any food to eat,” he said.

“In times of austerity this is a nice way of helping people.”

According to research figures, 65% of UK adults admit to buying too much food that ends up being thrown away, with the average UK household throwing away an estimated £6.84 of unused food each week.

This equates to £355.68 worth of food waste each year and a staggering £9.7 billion pounds worth across the country.




If you waste food, what types of food do you mostly waste?

Dairy Products
Canned Food
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