Salford Presents is an art installation in the New Bailey that celebrates Salford’s industrial past whilst raising money for the charity Salford Loaves and Fishes.

This is a joint effort with Playground, a Manchester based design studio, who approached Salford Loaves and Fishes in an effort to get their message across even more.

Speaking to Simon Locke, the CEO of the charity, he said “It was a different way of raising awareness, it’s not just painting things in a negative light.” 

The instillation is on display daily until the 5th of January, so there’s plenty of time to view them before they go.

Whilst doing a good deed, the presents also aims to teach people of the city’s past. Something which Simon sees as being very important.

He said, “Salford helped Manchester develop, there might not be Manchester if Salford wasn’t there first.”

He continued “Industrial heritage is the bedrock on which everything was built.”

But most importantly they are there to help Salford Loaves and Fishes raise money and awareness for their cause. 

When asked about what they do, Simon answered “We see 100 to 120 people a day and we offer them a safe, secure and warm place to stay.” 

Even though parts of Salford aren’t seen in the best light, Simon sees the good side of it: “There’s a big vein of community spirit running through sunny Salford.”

He also continues to say that he has seen donations rising in the last few weeks due to the Christmas holidays coming up. He says “People will help if they can help.”

Though his charity helps people in “dire situations”, he says that he can see the good side. He explained “Anything that makes someone a little bit happier is the best thing in the world.” 

Looking to next year he also explained the plans to expand the exhibition, “I would love to develop something that would incorporate some work done by our clients whether it be films, art, music; anything.”

The Salford based charity aims to help the homeless and vulnerable and they hope with this project, their work and message will get across to many more people. Along the way they also hope to make the holidays a little easier for those that find themselves in those situations.


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