A Salford theatre company is performing a remake of the popular TV show, Game of Thrones, renaming it Game of Groans.

The performance, taking place at the Grosvenor Casino in Salford, this Saturday (February 1) is a comedy murder mystery and requires the audience members to analyse evidence, question the characters, and finally come to a conclusion as to who has committed the murder of one of the shows main characters.

The Laugh and Let Die theatre company was set up seven years ago by Rob Ireland, who at the time was an actor looking for work and running the company on the side. In the last two years, Rob and his cast have conducted nearly 150 murder mysteries up and down the country with themes such as; Death by Chocolate (Willy Wonka themed), Goldzimmer: James Fond’s Retirement Party (James Bond themed), and The Titanic Gatsby (a mashup of Titanic and Great Gatsby).

Photo Credit: Rob Ireland

For copyright reasons, the comedy bares little resemblance to the real Game of Thrones, to some fans dismay, however, without being too upset, there are still some pretty recognisable characters, including; King Bannoffrey Pie, General Bronflake, Queen Jalfrezi – Queen of the Unicorns, and Lord Littlethumb.

Rob said: “We are 100 percent playing for laughs … there’s no massive puzzle to solve, our shows are all innuendos and silly voices.”

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When asked why anybody should attend one of the shows Rob replied: “It’s something different, it’s not like going to the theatre, it’s a comedy show, and there is a prize.”

From every ticket bought for the performance at the casino, 25 percent has been donated to Manchester Mind, a charity supporting better mental health in Manchester and surrounding areas.
“I’m a huge advocate for mental health” Rob said
“If you haven’t had a problem yourself, chances are, you’ll know someone who has, it’s a charity close to my heart”

As expected, the Game of Thrones themed affair sold out pretty quickly, however, there is another event at the casino on Valentines Day, The Late Gatsby, aptly named after the 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. Rob reckons this is the perfect event to take your valentine to, because “it’s cheap, you’ll have a laugh, and you won’t have to talk to your date.”

The event is selling out quickly, but tickets can still be purchased for £20 from https://www.designmynight.com/manchester/bars/salford/grosvenor-casino-salford/valentines-great-gatsby-theme-comedy-murder-mystery-dinner?t=tickets&fbclid=IwAR23Wo1R7b8ccTqU3J6JKDlSnJKpy9wlboXxRMoBHe932i4sOst2PlhVxL0
Included in the price of the ticket you’ll also get a two course meal from a set menu of choices. (Please bare in mind that the event is over 18s only)

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