As lockdown looms, many businesses are trying to make the most of the time they have before being thrown back into a period of financial struggle.

With each new restriction put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 comes a sacrifice from many of us, whether it be staying away from family, job loss or even just not being able to find toilet roll in the local shop.

For many businesses such as pubs, cafes and cinemas, it is the financial sacrifice that has made the biggest impact.

The announcement that England would be put into a second lockdown on Thursday this week, with only essential shops remaining open, meant that businesses such as cinemas would only have four days left to make profits.

Miss Georgie Gilbert, who works at Vue cinema in Salford explained that even the few days they were given saw a massive drop in revenue:

“We’ve seen a huge drop in customers now, which has been made even worse because we can only have half the capacity for seating in screens due to social distancing, and the fact that all the big films have now been delayed.

“No-one knows what we are showing anymore”

There is further uncertainty for businesses as the proposed December date for the lifting of Lockdown could change at any moment.

Miss Gilbert added: “Now that lockdown has been announced we’re closing on Thursday with no knowledge of when we can reopen”.

Ms Helena Assan from Heaven bakery in Salford also commented on the affect lockdown has had on her business: “Covid has effected business heavily, with everyone excessively buying from supermarkets to store at home.

“It makes it really hard to find basic ingredients for our stock”

Ms Assan also explained that even before the lockdown was announced, the fact that people did not know what was coming made matters worse: “Progressively the whole nation is generally saving for the unknown which of course relatively affects business revenue!”

Heaven Bakery has moved online for now in order to keep going through lockdown.

Many businesses have been impacted, so much that some pubs are having to sell their drinks at discounted rates.

The DockYard pub/restaurant in MediaCityUK posted an announcement earlier today on their twitter explaining that they will be giving out discounted drinks, as long as they are bought with a substantial meal.

Other pubs and restaurants are doing the same, such as the Hip Hop Chip Shop in Salford, who yesterday announced they would also be selling discounted drinks.

With lockdown coming on Thursday, many people, as well as businesses, will be struggling financially.

If you find that you are struggling, visit here for help with next steps.

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