A Salford charity branch helps young disabled people prepare for disabled adulthood through national online webinar Transition Week event.

Penderels Trust’s Salford branch are involved in My Family and Our Needs’ weeklong online event where young disabled people and experts discuss the topic of the transition from young disabled care to adult.

Sam Cook, Service Manager of the Salford and Greater Manchester Penderels Trust branch, spoke to Salford Now about the event:

“The main thing about the event is making people aware that we’re here”

“The services we can offer are relevant to students and adults and the transition bit in-between”.

You can access the event for free by clicking here. There is no obligation to attend the event, but attending will help those with children in care.

Social Care in Salford during COVID-19

Care workers in Salford have been heavily under pressure since the start of pandemic. With a pay rise of nearly 11% from the start of October this has been identified.

Infographic by Mia Duthil-McArthur

Penderels trust’s services during these times have been seen to be hectic as she further states:

“In these times I mean we’re busier than ever to be honest with you.”

“The Salford team are all working from home since the very start of pandemic”

“We’ve carried on providing the same service that we’ve always provided, just remotely since we’ve not been able to do visits”

Penderels Trust Branch Credit: Google Images

She continued:

“I would always say to people you know if you need support or help with something you know look and see what there is”.

Please visit their website here for any further information in additional support

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