Together Trust

Manchester and Salford Boys and Girls Refuges in 1890. Ardfern, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

‘Together Trust’ is celebrating 150 years of caring for people with disabilities, autism, and complex health needs.

The charity was founded in 1870 and has been helping children across Salford and Manchester ever since.

Their founders are Leonard Kilbee & Richard Bramwell Taylor, two Sunday school teachers who volunteered at St Ann’s Ragged School in Manchester.

Here they saw the harsh realities that children were facing at the time, encountering two homeless boys on the porch of the school.

This was the very moment they wanted to change things, providing these children with a better life.

Due to money raised by a local businessman, they were able to open a ‘‘Night Refuge for Homeless Boys’ and the two boys were given a bed.

In return, they worked during the day.

This was a success because within nine months as they had to move to a bigger location.

In 1878 Broughton saw Shaw and Taylor open their first home for girls.

This saw ‘Night Refuge for Homeless Boys’ become ‘Manchester and Salford Boys and Girls Refuges and Homes’.

By the year 1920, they had already helped a total of 125,000 children.

Now known as ‘Together Trust’ the charity is growing and changing more every day.

They offer over 40 services providing support and care to thousands of people every year.

As part of the celebration of 150 years, Andrew Simpson is releasing a book called ‘The Ever Open Door: 150 Years of the ‘Together Trust’.

This book covers the beginnings of ‘Together Trust’, the many stories and achievements they’ve made.

You can purchase the book here.

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