Cafod, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, and Salford Diocese are getting involved in a national fun run to raise money for great causes.

The event will be taking place on December 27 and will involve participants from across the country running five kilometres and then asking people to donate to the cause through a JustGiving site.

Cafod diocese in Liverpool has been doing these sorts of events for 37 years but due to the coronavirus, things have been a little different this year.

Simon Holleron, the community participation coordinator for Salford, said: “Because we can’t bring people together this year we thought we’d do a virtual one.”

Mr Holleron added: “Most of the support from the fun run will be going to the Cafod coronavirus appeal because we know people have been really challenged by the difficulties of coronavirus in this country.”

Cafod will focus most of their charity based work overseas as they claim that many places don’t have the health facilities and resources that we do here in the UK.

Mr Holleron said: “We work carefully with local partners in the different countries and at local levels.”

He added: “In Zimbabwe similar to the Marcus Rashford issue we have made sure that children who can’t afford food are given one square meal a day.”

Cafod is involved in charity work in lots of countries across the world that are less fortunate and have also provided PPE to hospital workers at a health centre in Uganda.

Mr Holleron said: “The fun run is a way of raising awareness its something that has been done before but because it is now online it has been rolled out nationally.”

He added: “That’s where we’ve got involved in Salford ad other parts of the country.”

Anyone who is interested in the event can get involved and use the link below to sign up and get donating.

So why not get your running shoes on this winter and help out a fantastic local cause.






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