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A MediaCity-based vegan eatery called Vertigo Manchester has recently opened a new takeaway service for the Christmas period.

Consumers can order vegan food deliveries or click and collect on Vertigo Manchester’s new website.

Ben Deakin, manager at the Salford restaurant, believes the Christmas period will be difficult after facing the recent lockdown restrictions.

Deakin continued: “I think all restaurants have struggled. We have struggled very much so as well.”

“Especially opening the restaurants in August. It was possibly one of the worst times, but we’ve just got to go with the flow and maximise our revenue wherever it’s possible.”

But the website has been very useful. He said: “The website is doing much better. The hampers are doing amazing. We’ve sold over 200. The demand for them has been amazing.”

“Not just Manchester, we’ve been doing deliveries over the country. It makes everyone’s life a little bit easier and more accessible.”

Vertigo has been doing cross street averages 4.8 on Deliveroo. In media city they averaged 4.9/5 star which was one of the top 3 best deliveries.

Vertigo Manchester has been coming up with new ideas to squeeze every last bit of revenue. It includes Christmas hampers and fudge boxes which have had high demand.

It is also retailing food which people do not usually buy in the supermarket. For example different types of pasta, oat milk and hot chocolate.

Deakin continued: “These have had high demand. But of course it doesn’t match the losses that we and all restaurants are experiencing.”

“People have been really supportive of businesses and hopefully that will continue even after Covid.”

“They may think about going to independent businesses rather than the big chains.”

“Over Christmas, it’s going to be a big struggle. You are relying on celebrations and footfall, especially at the media city side. But I’m quietly optimistic for a positive January with a vaccine coming through.

“December will be recorded as the worst month for hospitality ever. But hopefully it will rebound and hopefully people will want to support local businesses.”

Image Credit: Ben Redman

(20 people answered a survey carried out on Facebook and LinkedIn. 16 people were wiling to spend more to support independent local businesses. But over 200 people chose to ignore the survey, so a high proportion may not be entirely bothered either way.)

The uncertainty and fear of job losses has also been a burden for all the staff as well as the managers.

Deakin added: “I can’t command the team enough over this time. They’ve been amazing and understand how hard it is for the business. And likewise we understand how hard it is for them.”

“How they’ve dealt with the uncertainty has been amazing. Vertigo has been very fortunate to not make any staff redundant. It’s been an effort put together from the top team to the bottom.”

“Being smart with the revenue and the money have. Been striving to lower the costs. That whole uncertainty not knowing what will happen. Hopefully that will soon be put to bed. ”

“We’ve been positive going forward and I couldn’t ask for a better response from everybody.”

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