Salfordians have reacted with anger and disappointment at the announcement that fireworks displays at Buile Hill and Prince’s Park have been cancelled.

Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Police says the probability of ‘unprecedented levels’ of attendance, the capacity of already highly pressured emergency services as well as high COVID rates across the city made the cancellation the right choice.

But residents have expressed their frustration at the decision on Facebook.

Ainsleigh Oakley said: “What an absolute joke. Ruining everything for the Kids. Can go get messy on Heaton Park but can’t watch firework displays? Stupid cos watch A&E numbers go up now with burns as people attempt at doing them themselves!”

Carolyn Bilsborough followed: “Ridiculous decision. The event is completely outside and I can see no reason to cancel this family event. Just an excuse to save money and look politically correct. Thousands are going to concerts and football matches which have not been cancelled !!”

Buile Hill Park was set to welcome fireworks on Friday evening, whilst Prince’s Park, Irlam, was planning an event on Saturday.

Demi Ashton continued: “Surely this is safer than everyone doing it at home in their gardens???”

Danielle Dee Carter agreed: “This actually sucks cause just means more ppl in their gardens setting them off, at least when it’s done in the park you know for that hour the dogs are guna go nuts. 3am they were being set off the other night! Dog gave me a heart attack barking n waking me up.”

Mark Meredith said: “Ridiculous decision once again Salford council!! Cancelling an outdoor event makes no sense at all.”

Salford City Council Chief Executive Tom Stannard said: “Whilst we regret to have to make this late decision, the safety of our residents at events like this is at the forefront of our thinking and of utmost importance.

“We have hosted successful bonfire events in the city for our residents for over 20 years and hope to continue to do so in the future. But for this year, we need to follow advice to keep people safe. Please ensure you stay safe if you celebrate at home.”

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