Salford mental health charity Reach Out: Start to end Suicide are getting people to talk through the use of weekly creative arts sessions.

The craft sessions, set up by a multiple suicide attempt survivor Dennis Baldwin, allow many other survivors to speak with others in similar positions.

Dennis Baldwin said: “It’s being in a room with people that have experienced very similar things to yourself that gives you that comfort and enjoyment again, a small glimmer of hope.

“I hope we can have more people in the community speaking positively about suicide prevention rather than stigmatising it”.

A recent press release from the charity states: “If you are recovering from a suicide attempt, experiencing or have experienced suicidal thoughts and/or ideation come along and join the group.

“The sessions are built around basic skill sets that will be built upon each week, seeing you conceptualise, design, plan and create your own works”.

Baldwin also spoke on his experiences with mental health illness.

“The anxiety and adrenaline means you can’t sleep, which can lead to a sort of catastrophic tidal wave of emotions.

“I was in a psychiatric ward for 12 hours, so I blagged to my own detriment to get out of there”.

“one in five of us will experience suicidal thoughts in our life, and one in 15 will make an attempt”.

“It’s quite scary to think how little we talk about it but how prevalent it is”.

The sessions run every Friday from 10:30-12:30 at START, Brunswick House, 62 Broad Street, M6 5BZ.

For any other information or registration please email, or visit:

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