Salford Choral Society ’s kickstart to Christmas is back after restrictions last year caused the event to not open to the public.

Covid restrictions have not stopped this 90 strong choir from halting their passionate project. Throughout the first lockdown, the choir would meet online and practice in their own homes.

Carolyn Saltmarsh, publicity officer, expressed that: “Salford Choral have been singing Messiah, every year since 1948.

“We couldn’t sing live last year, obviously, concerts were not allowed, so we did it on zoom- we did invite friends and family to watch. We could see each other- a screen full of choir people all singing.”

During the national lockdown members would still rehearse on Zoom- meaning although it wasn’t the same as an in-person meeting, they still had a solid level of social interaction and kept their voices healthy.

“Obviously Zoom is nothing like rehearsing in person because you can’t hear other choir members, so you’re effectively singing by yourself to a track- which is not the same experience as being all together in a room making music- but it kept us going.”

“When we were allowed to meet up a bit, first it was 6 outside, then 20 outside and our conductor did ‘park sings’ so we were going round to about 3 different parks every week. Those of us who could would go along just to be singing together.”

Picture used with permission from Salford Choral Society

Messiah is one of the year’s highlights. Both for the Choir and audience members. “Some of them have been coming for years.”

This year, with restrictions on concerts and social events being less severe than 2020, the choir are performing at Manchester’s Stoller Hall on Saturday the 11th December. “It’s the first Messiah being performed at Stoller Hall, we’re starting a new tradition there.”

Throughout the tough period Britain battled under national covid restrictions the choir managed an impressive 75 rehearsals and 5 concerts on zoom.

Messiah is set to be a star studded affair, with that added extra of Christmas cheer after last year’s closed performance.

Tickets are still available via the website

Messiah is on at The Stoller Hall on Saturday 11th December 2021 at 7.30pm

Tickets: £19.00

Age 65+: £16.00

Under 12’s: £7.00

*Plus £1 booking fee

“Messiah has a very special place in the hearts of Salford Choral members, It will be really heart warming somehow.”



Images used with permission from Salford Choral Society.

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