Salford community choir Monton Voices are preparing to make an exciting comeback to live performances after a total of 22 months since their last show.

Their much-anticipated return features a show in RHS Bridgewater on the 17th of December as well as the Blue Bell Pub and Restaurant on the 11th of December.

The many waves of Coronavirus prevented Monton Voices from being able to do what they love most, and as a result, they have not performed since their Valentine’s concert at Worsley Golf Club in February 2020.

Monton voices kicked off their line-up of Christmas performances at Salford Art Gallery and Museum on the 4th of December.

The absence of live shows has left Monton voices rearing to perform again and get the community into the Christmas spirit.

Musical director Morgana Warren-Jones stated: “the community can expect all sorts, we have Christmassy songs as well as some classical music

“We have a real mix of fun and hopefully some audience participation as well”.

Secretary of Monton Voices Helen Claire Berrisford is delighted with the influx of new members since rehearsals returned stating: “When we came back in September, literally week on week, we had one or two more members.

“In fact, this term we must have had about 5 or 6 new members.”

Monton Voices rehearsing (Image by Monton Voices)

It will be Monton Voices’ first-ever performance at RHS Bridgewater, and a very exciting opportunity for the choir, with Helen adding: “We can’t pass by on that, it’s a brand-new venue that opened and it’s a good way of getting our name out there.”

Despite Coronavirus lockdowns preventing face to face rehearsals, the choir managed to keep in touch through virtual meetings where light-hearted karaoke sessions would keep spirits uplifted and members connected.

Long term choir member Marjory who has been in Monton Voices for over 7 years spoke of the choir’s strong fellowship, stating: “I’d be shattered back when I was still working, but I would come here and forget everything else apart from the music

“It does make you forget everything else and you’re just in the moment

“There’s lots of different people that may have very little in common, but we share a love of music and community spirit.”

Monton Voices performing at Broughton House (Image by Monton Voices)

“It’s so long since we did the last shows, but we have always really enjoyed them” Marjory recalled. “The audience reaction and singing together makes such a lovely atmosphere.”

Monton Voices practice every Tuesday at St Peter and St Paul RC Catholic Church in Eccles at 7 pm.

Anyone is welcome to join the festivities this Christmas with Monton Voices whether that be at their Christmas shows or as a new member.

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