Author: PennyRiley

Image by Emergency Exit Arts

‘We came together as a small group of organisations to say let’s make this different’ – Salford’s Walk the Plank announce Boost

Walk the Plank is teaming up with Emergency Exit Arts, Outdoor Arts UK and Without Walls to create a brand-new […]

Image by: Province of British Columbia, Flickr

“Without them, we would not be able to cope” – Salford City Council announces Real Living Wage increase to £9.90 for care workers   Salford City Council has announced it will pay all social care workers in Salford the Real Living Wage […]

Image by Peter Elcock
Permission to use granted by Peter Elcock

“The medication helps but what is truly keeping me alive are groups like this one” – ‘We Recover’ are helping those with serious side effects from long Covid

A long Covid support group in Salford are actively seeking to help more people suffering from poorly understood Covid effects […]

Image by: Ged McKenna
From Monton Voices' Facebook page used with permission from Monton Voices

“The audience reaction and singing together makes such a lovely atmosphere” – Monton Voices are looking forward to their Christmas shows after not performing for nearly two years

Salford community choir Monton Voices are preparing to make an exciting comeback to live performances after a total of 22 […]