Three days since Boris Johnson addressed the nation promising a full rollout of booster vaccinations by the end of the month, Salford welcomed its first pop-up centre.

Located down Winders Way, just off Fredrick Road, a car park had been transformed into a fully-fledged vaccination centre, offering first and second doses for over 16’s as well as booster Pfizer vaccines for all over 18’s (+3 months since second dose).

The centre opened its doors at 1pm this afternoon to dozens of cars, even an Uber filled with passengers.

I arrived shortly after the opening, and was greeted by high-vis marshals, directing me through the centre.

After waiting a short 10-15 minutes, and zigzagging through the maze of cars, I was asked a few medical questions, before receiving my booster.

Due to the extended wait, I had become quite apprehensive about the process, but was comforted by friendly, trained staff.

I was advised to wait for 10 minutes so marshals could monitor my condition, before driving off and continuing with my day.

Within a quarter of an hour, the queue had died down significantly, with vehicles being seen and vaccinated within five minutes.

Although the centre opened rather late in the day, vaccines can be administered anytime until 8pm.

Reflecting on the experience, my booster vaccine shot hurt significantly less than my second dosage of Pfizer. Given I was rather scared about the process, staff made the process quick and relatively pain-free.

Winders Way drive through vaccination centre will be open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and can be found at M6 6AR.

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