Today, the BBC is holding a Q&A in order to find new talent,

The event is being held to find a group of journalists to specialise in their new scheme, ‘Money and Work’.

They are looking for people to work across TV, radio, podcasts, digital journalism, and social channels.

The BBC wants people who are experienced in working in daily news, who are comfortable with a fast-paced environment, who are very aware of how the UK economy works, have strong storytelling skills, and creative production techniques.

Sandra Hardial, the event organiser, said this event is aimed at bringing “the opportunities we offer to life, in the most inclusive way possible.”

She said the BBC wants to “open the doors, offer the chance to meet some of our team and hear about their career journey, break down the barriers and showcase opportunities.”

This event is an attempt at attracting a wide variety of talent, and in a profession such as journalism, it is important to have an event like this where different types of people with different specialties and who have had different opportunities in their careers.

In journalism, other people’s career successes cause others to learn and thrive.

Sandra Hardial also highlights the significance of MediaCityUK cultivating Salford as a “creative and digital cluster”.

She highlights the idea that “Every £1 of the BBC’S direct economic activity generates a total of £2.63 in the economy and 50% of the BBC’s economic impact is outside London, compared to a sector average of 20%.”



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