The Buile Hill Mansion Association are looking for suggestions for a new addition to their sculpture trail.

The Beehive sculpture captured by Emelia Mountford

The new sculpture will be a memorial to the mass burial ground in Hart Hill. This new addition will be the eighth sculpture on the trail, and will sit just across from the burial site.

Michelle, a member of the Buille Hill Association, said: “Hopefully by getting the community involved it will become something which is theirs as much as the parks’.

“In a city such as Salford we’re so lucky to have this huge green space. I want my children to be able to grow with this park being as important to them as it was to me.”

The Buile Hill Mansion Association are asking the people of Salford to submit their suggestions for the new sculpture. The final design will be chosen by Oaklands Hospital who have stepped forward as a donor.

They want the sculpture to serve as the memorial, and some current suggestions include the plague doctor’s mask or a ring of roses.

This project is a part of the renovation of the area near the plague pit. There are also plans to plant more flowers near by to make the area look presentable as a memorial.

Currently the trail features seven different sculptures including, a bee, a rabbit and a butterfly.
Each one has a QR code attached which provides information about the different carvings.

The trail itself follows a circle around the mansion, and can take as little as fifteen minutes, or as long as thirty minutes.

The Buile Hill Mansion Association was founded in 2018. After a local developer wanted to renovate the mansion and the grounds into a hotel and housing estate. This was met with a lot of backlash, and so the association was formed to restore the mansion.

The council have been providing grants for this project. The aim is to be open to the public as a registry office among other things. The building itself will also be celebrating it’s 200th anniversary next year.

To suggest an idea for the new sculpture or to see current suggestions you can visit their facebook post here.

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