A Salford group is teaching black women how to properly care for their natural hair.

On a mission to educate, AFROcentric C-Group are helping women who, for many years, had their natural hair straightened using painful and dangerous chemicals.

Up until the 1990s, TV advertisements encouraged black women to straighten their hair in an attempt to fit into society’s beauty standards at the time. The video below is an example of one of those commercials:

AFROcentric C-Group aims to play an essential role in teaching young black women how to take care of their natural hair, with a lack of support available due to the archaic societal perception of beauty.

Hair products and information on how to treat afro-type hair are being sold by hair professionals. Image credit – Sophie Rumsby.

There were no salons for natural afro hair, with only chemical options available that could be very dangerous and harmful for the person receiving the treatment.

Group member, Amy Nelson said: “I love that I can basically embrace my natural hair and really walk in that journey and be myself and represent myself.”

Another member, Jacqui Nelson said: “It’s freedom giving I think… I don’t have to worry about the cost because it’s quite expensive to process your hair and I can put natural products in my hair which is what I do so it’s all-natural and I’m in control.”

I think that’s the main thing, I am in control of my hair.”

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