The TreeHouse where we had pancakes- Photo by Alfie Mulligan

In this series of reviews, Alfie Mulligan and Harry Warner delve into a world of cooked breakfasts and scrutinising Salford’s kaleidoscope of cafés and diners from Blackfriars to Boothstown, from Kersal to Cadishead all in the name of public service (and not for their enjoyment) to ultimately crown one of them Salford’s best full English.

Today’s review is in celebration of Shrove Tuesday, the marking of the day before Lent or Ash Wednesday. For this review we visited the Treehouse Café, a small and cute eatery on the Lower Broughton Road.

@likwid_media The TreeHouse – PANCAKE DAY This special episode of breakfast reviews, sees us step away from the Full English breakfasts to look at one British tradition as Likwid celebrate Shrove Tuesday in Lower Broughton, Salford. This small café offered a warm embrace as we all ordered buttermilk pancakes with a variety of toppings and treats. With more breakfast options on the menu we will certainly be returning but it’s safe to say their pancakes get a solid 4/5. And without being biased their other breakfast options certainly look cracking as well. #food #foodreview #foodie #scran #salford #manchester #pancake #pancakes #pancakeday #pancakeart #pancake #trending #breakfast #brekkie #breakfastclub #tree #fyp #cafe #abcxyz #tiktok #manutd #cake #friends #shrovetuesday #mufc #tuesday #viral #baker #review ♬ original sound – Likwid Media

On a cold and wet morning, the café acted as a shelter of warmth. The café didn’t have a traditional theme to it, but that wasn’t an issue with it having a modern take with a cute interior with an array of cakes and baked treats below the till.

And with a lovely welcoming embrace by the staff that would certainly make any customer feel at home, we took our seats on the back breakfast bench.

A slightly more uncomfortable position to be sat but with it being so full, it was a credit to how highly regarded the Treehouse is.

Image of the pancake and syrup by Alfie Mulligan
Image of the pancake and syrup at Treehouse by Alfie Mulligan

Being handed menus by the friendly staff, our eyes were quickly drawn to the pancakes on offer. Ordering the buttermilk pancakes with syrup for a price of £5 and with a can of Coke, it rounded the bill to £5.95.

And despite how busy the café was, our selection of pancakes were delivered to the table with some speed.

The ordered items were the buttermilk pancakes with syrup, and the other ordered selection were the buttermilk pancakes with Nutella and strawberries that did look like a treat.

The pancakes were stacked three high with a light dusting of icing sugar, and were self-topped with syrup being poured all over.

Overall the pancakes were delightful, being lovely and fluffy, quite different to the expectation of home-made pancakes that can often be soggy and bland.

I would certainly recommend the Treehouse café, and with a great selection of food on the menu it served as a great treat. And although it wasn’t the cheapest of breakfasts that we have found on the pursuit for the best in Salford, it was definitely worth the treat and it has earned the score of 4/5.

We will be returning to try their option of a full English breakfast and see how it compares to the others we have tried so far.

And check out below where else to get pancakes this Shrove Tuesday –

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