Salford councillor Andrew Walters is one of thousands of British citizens stranded in Israel following attacks by Hamas militants.

The unprecedented incursion, which started on Saturday, has left as many as 60,000 British nationals trapped within the country as many attempt to return from celebrating the high holy days.

Cllr Walters, who is stuck in Jerusalem, told Salford Now about the current situation: “I have no idea when the next bombs are going to be flying, but I’m as safe as I can be.

“Most airlines have cancelled their flights and the airlines that haven’t the flights have no seats on them.”


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With major airlines including EasyJet, WizzAir and Ryanair now suspending flights from the country, it has left many struggling in the dangerous conditions.

And with flights being stopped, it has caused prices to soar and left many wondering when they will get home.

With the BBC currently reporting that prices of a one-way ticket are more than £1,300, it seems impossible for many to return safely.

Sky News report that more than 10 Britons have been confirmed dead or missing, with more than 900 Israelis killed since Saturday.

The Salford councillor, who fears for the safety of his family, said: “It’s not just the physical issues, it’s the mental scarring for the kids.

Image of Jerusalem (Taken by H Winters)
Image of Jerusalem (Taken by H Winters)

“There are many kids who are on the street who are almost used to living in a warzone, but the British are almost spoilt in a way, they weren’t scared when they heard the noise they were scared when the noise stopped.”

He said: “The roads are empty, people are staying home. The sirens can come at any time and when the siren sounds you have 90 seconds.

“There were two yesterday with 90 seconds to reach the shelter – sometimes its only 30.

“There was a bomb explosion near to where we are. Thankfully nobody was hurt but three cars were destroyed. They’re bombing pretty indiscriminately, they’re not picking them.”

No UK Government evacuation is currently planned, however the Foreign Office has asked British nationals to register their presence, and advised against all but essential travel to Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Mr Walters has stated that MP Graham Stringer has written to him to confirm that he has contacted the Foreign Secretary and is awaiting a response.

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