Just three weeks ago, a couple from Brazil opened up a sell-out new bakery in Walkden, Doughfinity.

Emelyn Rosa, who owns the bakery on Bolton Road, worked in a cake shop for six years and loved it but wanted to start something for her family.

This is where her and her husband Rodrigo came up with the idea for doughnuts.

Emelyn added: “We help each other out and it’s a family business so I know if I’m not here he can be and it will be good.

“There isn’t a doughnut shop around Walkden so that’s why we thought this was the perfect location.”

Emelyn said “We make everything here, fillings and the donut. We make everything from scratch. So our donuts are really special because we take the time to do it.

“We need to prepare the dough one day before, and the dough need to rest for 12 hours. Then the next day we can fry and do everything.”

Emelyn added ” Me and my husband do everything ourselves all from the store”

The flavours are created by Emelyn and Rodrigo in store after research and plenty of trials.

“With the flavours, I like sweets, but not something really sweet. So we are doing a balance as we put sugar around the donut. So inside, it’s a good flavour but to sweet that you can eat whole donut and want more.”

Every week has a special doughnut flavour which gives customers the opportunity to taste new ideas.

Emelyn explained: “The most popular is white chocolate cream and Nutella cream. They are the most popular and are selling really well. Now the Black Forest has become really popular as well. It is new and everyone is sending messages and saying that it’s really good.

“The first day we opened was really good. We were not expecting to be that busy and it was. We sold out within one hour”

Emelyn added: “It was 100 donuts to give for customers to try and 100 donuts to sell and we sold out within one hour. It was amazing”

Walkden has welcomed the shop with open arms, making them feel welcome and comfortable at the shop.

Emelyn said: “The community here is really good. We did post it on Walkden Community and they keep coming, they are reposting as well and sending messages talking about the donuts as well as telling friends to come and try them.

“Probably in 15 days we will have vegan doughnuts ready to sell. But gluten free is a bit hard because we are trying few recipes but we want to get something really good and then we can start selling it.

“We just want to get it really good before we start to sell it.”

To promote Doughfinity, Emelyn and Rosa go to markets and this is how they took off building the brand in July last year.

Emelyn said: “It is always busy so it is good because we are in different places more people can know about us and the doughnuts. Also how they are made and to let their friends know.”

Despite being in a different place the favourite at the stalls was still white chocolate: “it was the first one to sell out” Emelyn said.

The company went live last Friday on Just Eats and Uber Eats to allow more people to try the doughnuts.

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