Candidates running to be Greater Manchester City Region’s next Metro Mayor will attend a one-off business hustings in Salford.

The political showdown, which has been organised in the run up to the Metro Mayor election on May 2, will allow candidates from the main parties to share their key policies and debate campaign issues.

The meeting will take place on April 17 in front of a live studio audience at Salford University’s Peel Hall.

Image taken by Pimlico Badger

The event is free-to-attend and will allow audience members the chance to ask candidates questions in relation to their policies.

Hustings are essential for politicians in the run up to elections. Robert Downes, FSB Development Manager in GM, describes them as “essentially a Question Time style event presenting a great opportunity for both candidates and voters to engage.

“For candidates it’s opportunity to flesh out their core policies, while for voters it’s a chance to ask questions and understand better what their intended vote will deliver.

“In this event the spotlight will be firmly on the GM business agenda, exploring what plans the candidates have to deliver jobs, growth and support for the private sector.

“Whether it’s transport infrastructure, police and business crime, education and skills, or even public sector procurement, the candidates can expect a thorough grilling on their policies.

“So, if you own or run a business, or are self-employed, and have a question on anything business related, join us for this one-off, free-to-attend event.”

Below you will find a map to help navigate you to the event.

To attend the event you can reserve your ticket on Eventbrite here

To read a copy of the Metro Mayor Manifesto, click here to view the PDF.

For more information, contact Robert Downes, on Facebook @FSB.Greater.Manchester, or call 0791 762 8905

Featured image taken/ owned by World Economic Forum, Flickr.

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