The new Popeyes drive-through opening in Salford this week is to bring about 100 new jobs for local people.

Popeyes media officer, Georgie Ross, said the company was “really excited” to be creating employment opportunities at the new drive-through which is the first in Greater Manchester and only the seventh in the country.

The drive-through on Bury New Road opens to the public on Friday April 26.

Ahead of the opening, journalists were treated to one of everything on the menu which proved very popular.

The location was chosen to make it much more accessible as a drive-through for people who aren’t always in the city centre.

Staff have so far had great feedback with people being “really excited”.

The bright colours and freshness of the store are designed to bring a look of New Orleans hospitality to the venue which also operates table service.

To find out more about the new restaurant launch, head to the Popeyes UK website, or follow the brand on social media at @PopeyesUK.

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