Clifton Country Park

Around 80 volunteers gathered at Clifton Country Park in Salford over the weekend to remove a plant that’s causing a big problem.

The volunteers from ASEZ WAO group worked to remove a “pesky” plant in the park called called Himalayan balsam on Sunday May 5. Himalayan balsam is extremely vigorous and spreads quickly, out-competing native plants.

According to ASEZ WAO, the plant at Clifton Country Park messes with the other plants and animals, making life harder for them.

Clifton Country Park

A spokesperson from ASEZ WAO, commented: “This event isn’t just about fixing one park. It’s part of something bigger. ASEZ WAO cares a lot about our planet. They want to help stop climate change and make the world a better place for everyone.

“The success of the Balsam Bashing Volunteer Event shows what people can do when they work together.

“So, next time you see a problem in nature, don’t wait for someone else to fix it. Be like these awesome volunteers and take action! Together, we can make our world a greener, happier place for all of us.”

ASEZ WAO is a young adult volunteer group from the World Mission Society Church of God.

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