PROGRESSIVE metal five-piece band Tesseract played Manchester Academy last night to a rowdy Manchester crowd. Quays News entertainment reporter Dan Willis went along…

Tesseract, a band from Milton Keynes in England, played Academy Two and were joined by support acts Nordic Giants and US band The Contortionists. Tesseract originally formed back in 2007, and through struggles and hardships have managed to stay around – the band thanked the Manchester audience for supporting them through thick and thin, and how grateful they are for it.

The night began with Post-Rock pair Nordic Giants, their set was full of instrumental rock – with hits such as ‘Shine’ and their immensely popular ‘Pencilhead’ involved in the set, the band are definitely one to look out for, and for the neutral who may have been watching this it offered something for everyone, the sound differentiated between heavy and not so heavy, with a heavy bass used in most songs.

Following this was The Contortionist, a band from Indiana, USA. They appeared to have quite a big following from the Academy audience and their use of synths made their music a mix of metal and electronic.

Their hits included ‘Primordial Sound’ and also ‘Intuition’ which received an incredible response from the audience – and lead singer Michael Lessard easily stole the show, with his showmanship performance – which included his very faint body movements on stage, something which was quite unique to not only the genre but to music in general.

The Contortionist’s set lasted little over 40 minutes, however by the end a clearly impressed audience gave them a standing ovation as they left the stage.

Up next was the main event of the evening – Tesseract. After a long build up, the band eventually made their way onto the stage, and many of their hardcore following pushed to the front of the stage to get close to the group.

After recently releasing their latest album ‘Polaris’ it didn’t take an expert to realise some of their newer songs would be included in the set. Music from older albums such as ‘Altered State’ which was released in 2013 were also played, there was also a couple of hits played from one of their first ever albums, ‘Concealing Fate’ – which was released in 2010.

Tesseract played hits such as ‘Survival’ one of, if not their biggest hit from their newest album Polaris, which was the song which the band finished the night with. Also, songs ‘Of Matter’ and ‘Of Mind’ were also played, two of Tesseract’s biggest songs since their arrival in 2007.

The night was a successful one for all involved – with Tesseract currently on a tour of the UK, their stop at Manchester Academy Two was a huge success, and sent all fans home happy.

By: Daniel Willis

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