AFTER being released last week, Quays News entertainment reporter Laura Steffan went to watch How To Be Single…

How to be Single is an homage to exactly what the title claims to teach you – being single.

Dakota Johnson plays recent graduate Alice – who is so used to having a boyfriend and the advantages of that meaning she can’t even unzip her own dress – breaks up with her boyfriend and not because her feelings faded away but because she wants to find herself after never being truly on her own.

Hence why Alice and her co-worker/new BFF Robin (Rebel Wilson) hit town almost every night while Robin shows Alice the perks of living the single life. The story of the film deals with several main plot lines, four in total, which are all woven into each other throughout the film. Therefore it is a must-watch for fans of this who also enjoyed films featuring this style like ‘He’s just not that into you’ (2009) or ‘New Years Eve’ (2011).

Although after watching the trailer you might think this is just another clichée-drained rom-com of which you can tell the ending of the predictive plot after seeing the first 30 minutes, it is not. Some of the characters evolve quite unexpectedly and there are a few plot twists here and there which make you question what exactly the essence of the film as a whole is at some point during watching it.

Another important plus is the cast of the main characters as they help keep the story afloat.

Wilson excels again in a role that seems to be written for her, almost like Pitch Perfect’s Fat Amy and guarantees some good chuckles in the audience. Johnson, who is mostly known for her shy wallflower role in Shades of Grey plays yet another shy character, but manages to bring a completely different nuance of it to life. After all, there is Leslie Mann, who, let’s be honest, adds up to every comedy film she has ever been in.

What makes this movie more fun is to read the texts the characters send each other on the screen right when they come in, giving you the feeling of being right in it.

Also, the soundtrack selection for this film consists of predominantly upbeat party songs and underlines the light and carefree tone of the film. It starts right off with party banger ‘Intoxicated‘ by Martin Solveig and gets you right into the party mood while you watch Robin partying in a club right in the very beginning. There are also some classics (Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses) as well as new songs (Welcome to New York) in it.

How to be Single is a very humorous film which throws the idea that being single is nothing to be ashamed of or even something to ‘admit’ rather than a time in your life that should be cherished and enjoyed thoroughly.

Running time: 109 minutes

By: Laura Steffan

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