BRIGHTON band, The Magic Gang, sold out Sound Control on April 28, and our entertainment reporter, Abi White, was there to see what the evening had to offer…

Only forming back in 2013, the four-piece band have already done numerous tours up and down the country gathering their own fans, appearing alongside the likes of Wolf Alice, JAWS and Swim Deep.

It is the strength of their singles teamed with their lively shows, that have everybody moving, that has led to the band being where they are today. Dancing and moshing would soon fill the evening up to be a good one.

The lively crowd started early, with first support act of the night, Jordan Allen. The four-piece band from Bolton engaged the crowd with their fun-filled set and showed promise to become extremely popular amongst fans of bands similar to that of the headline artist. They can be caught at Manchester’s Dot-to-Dot festival on May 27.

Jordan AllenNext up on the bill was the Leeds four-piece, Vitamin. With the crowd still as lively as ever, the eager music fans managed to push the barrier over with their sheer excitement.

The band covered popular songs, including their recently released singles, ‘Waterfall’ and ‘To Believe’, with front man, Jared Laville, interacting with the audience throughout their set. The sheer amount of energy throughout the set amounted to fans getting onstage alongside the band, ending their set with various members from the audience partying with them to their last song.

After the anticipated arrival of The Magic Gang, the band was met with multiple cheers as they embarked upon the stage. From the onset of their show, the band seem to genuinely love the music they play, and this can be seen through the chemistry of the band members.

Not only interacting with the audience during their set, they also interact with each other as they told their tales through their indie melodies and well crafted lyrics, which filled the quaint venue. Their cool vibe of a band that has found their niche radiates around the room like a warm glow.

Their performance and stage presence throughout their set was effortless, as the melodies of their singles, including the well received ‘Alright’ and ‘No Fun’ didn’t leave time for the lively audience to breathe.

The band almost has a charming aura around them, making it impossible for anyone to deny the fun that the band have onstage and how they can work a crowd and turn them into a lively sea of people dancing around and genuinely having a good time.

By Abi White

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