GAME of Thrones spin-off Graeme of Thrones graced the Lowry stage last night, Quays News entertainment reporter Becky Waldren went along…

Refreshingly witty, funny and outrageous – the Graeme of Thrones cast had the audience at the Lowry eating out the palms of their hands.

Hosting the journey through the seven kingdoms was super fan Graeme (Ali Brice), over the top actress Bryony (Libby Northedge) and tech guy turned class clown Paul (Mark Davidson). The creation of these characters, within the parody are what, add to its charm.

In a bid to recreate his favourite show, Graeme opens to discuss his plans with the audience of how he will bring the lands of Westeros and beyond to life with a slightly low(er) budget and less skilled actors.

With use of hoola hoops, umbrellas and cleverly crafted anoraks, the actors were leaping around the stage within seconds in order to recreate the opening sequence to Game of Thrones, which cleverly done reeled the audience in straight away.

Following this, Brice’s impression of Jon Snow and the white walkers brought in regional humour, as the characters poked fun at his thick northern accent, whilst Paul burst out on stage wearing what can only be described as luminescent goggles and a lab coat to portray the enchanted creatures.

With many gags of a few carefully selected scenes, Graeme, Bryony and Paul had the audience in hysterics with impressions of characters such as Daenerys, Khal Drogo, Sansa, the Lannisters, Snow and many more.

Throughout the show the characters are striving to recreate the series, but it seems like over the top actress ‘Bryony’ really strives for more drama.

This is shown in the form of over the top performances of Sansa Stark’s first period and Oberyn Martell’s dreaded fight – which got an audience member out of his seat to play the role of ‘the hound’.  Bryony’s oddly endearing extravagance caused much hilarity for the audience from start to finish.

The show would not have been the same however, without the underlying storyline of these characters who were trying to stage the show in order to capture Graeme’s big dream.

With talks throughout of catching the attention of a famous theatrical producer who he seemed to believe would offer him his ‘big break’, Graeme shared his visions with the cast- and in return was met with many a battle between Paul and Bryony as to who should play each role.

But Paul‘s (Davidson) hilariously dopey aura is what really took the show, as he pranced about the stage as Renly, in the scene where he seduced a young Loras Tyrell and revealed a rather large prosthetic man part to the disgust of Graeme.

With a very simple yet funny storyline Brice has really captured the show in a low budget way through cheap props, outfits and plenty of silly simple humour.

In the words of Graeme: “See it before the inevitable lawsuit”.

By Becky Waldren

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