AS week four of The Warehouse Project ascended on Manchester, Store Street welcomed Paradise to its underground Jungle with a star studded line up. Alexander Costello was there to cast his eye on proceedings

The frenzied queue of Warehouse Project goers gathered under the night, eagerly awaiting the doors to open while the anticipation for Paradise had social media users scathing for last minute tickets.

Who could blame them when you have Patrick Topping B2B Richy Ahmed in the line-up?

It did not take long for the rooms to fill as Luca Cazel kicked off Room one and Jey Kermis took to the decks in Room two.

Being up first in any act is always tough as you’re setting the pace and warming up the crowd but neither DJ disappointed and the hype increased right from the off, the crowd acknowledging with a flurry of cheers to the centre stage.

WHP felt like it had reached capacity with everyone all snug together with the atmosphere getting to its warm and sweaty element.

Each artist followed on from the next with undisturbed smooth transitions between tracks and churning out absolute tunes.

Throughout the night each drop was progressively louder, deeper and you could even say naughtier then the last.

As the early morning approached, Paradise unleashed its big guns upon the crowd with Jamie Jones taking to the CDJ’s among the masses of strobes and lighting.

Just when you think Warehouse project could not be any more pumped up, Store Street was taken to next level and the hype inside EUPHORIC!

Jones left the crowd wanting more and more, and their prayers were answered.

Closing Paradise was none other than Topping B2B with Ahmed, a match made in Warehouse Project heaven.

People rushed to Room one as the pair showed just why they were chosen to close the night.

A wave of hands and fists pumped the air in beat as smart phones graced the air capturing memories of the set.

Every drop hit you like a freight train but only made you want more.

Both Topping and Ahmed were having a great time as you could clearly see them interacting with the crowd and each other.

Warehouse Project went absolutely electric when the confetti rained down on the crowd.

The event drew to an end with a huge applause and screams, people simply did not want the event to finish.

Paradise was unbelievable and everyone who attended was undoubtedly thinking the same.

Each week at Warehouse Project seems like it tops the last one again and again.

Warehouse project quickly emptied out on to the street just as fast as it had filled up earlier.

If you haven’t already attended a Warehouse Project – get yourself a ticket you will not regret your decision. Until next time Store Street…

By Alex Costello

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