JUSTIN Bieber is one of the world’s most recent artists to walk off stage mid-performance, much to the dismay of the audience.

But despite the 22-year-old’s tantrum with screaming fans at Manchester Arena last night, which led to his walk off stage, the singer still managed to finish the performance that thousands went to see.

Here’s just a few of many artists who walked off stage but never returned to finish the show.

Jack White

Image: Creative Commons
Image: Creative Commons

The White Stripes front man is known for his sarcastic exchanges with the audience during concerts, but one particular the comment only confused his fans when he blurted out ‘Jesus Christ is this an NPR convention?’ before walking away. Jack White had cut the show less than an hour in, blaming fans for their ‘low energy levels’.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was well known for his bizarre stage antics, but what was described by the band as an ‘out of body experience’ saw The Doors singer smash a hole into the stage half way through a New Orleans show before walking away. It would become the iconic front man’s final performance before his fatal heart attack in 1970.

Kings of Leon

Image: Flikr
Image: Flikr

The Followill brothers had to pull out of a show after just 3 songs due to the overwhelming amount of bird droppings bombarding the stage. Despite their efforts to finish the show,the band had to give in after the bass player was hit directly.

Axl Rose

Axl Rose started a riot during one eventful Guns N’ Roses show in St Louis, after the frontman tackled a crowd member for taking photos of the band before exiting the stage. Although the police charged him with starting the riot, Rose wasn’t arrested till almost a year later after the band returned to the States after the European leg of their tour.

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson reportedly stormed off stage during a Michigan show after noticing a smiley face sticker planted over his Antichrist Superstar logo. The walk off resulted in the arrest of 23 fans after they retorted in attacking a tour bus they believed Manson was staying in.


The Canadian rockers had an unlucky evening when asked to cover a band during a heavy metal festival in Portugal. It wasn’t long until crowd expressed their disagreement with the arrangement by hurling rocks at the band.


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