LOCAL Manchester band Hover Bored look like they’re about to burst. With a new single on the way and plenty of gigs coming up, the bands seem to have their plate pretty full.

The bands are just gearing up to play amongst bigger names than usual, and their first gig outside of the country next January.

Drummer Luke Shenton, 19, said “Yeah it’s really exciting, we’ve got a gig Dublin coming up at the start of the new year which is basically for a gig swap, where a local Irish will be playing down here and we’d be going up to their town.

“It’s a pretty big gig for us, the first outside of England, so we’re all getting really excited. It’s going to be a big step for us, learning to travel that far with the instruments, it’s like preparation for a proper tour.”

The band are still having fun though, and making sure not to take it all too seriously; “Yeah Ireland’s probably just going to be a lot of drinking Guinness as well. When in Rome you know?”

Hover Bored have also been recording more and more, seemingly never leaving the studio: “We’re in the process of recording with a dude called Phillip Conlon at the minute, whose great, and he works at the Manchester Music Box.

“It’s cool to be working with him because the Manchester Music Box is home some local greats like the Happy Mondays, but it’s also home to more current local bands, like the New Luna Guys”

Luke also said; “We’ve just finished work on the demo for an upcoming single, so we should be looking at having some new material out within the next few weeks, maybe a month.”

It sounds like it’s quite an exciting time to be a Hover Bored fan right now, with new tracks on their way, and also coming up is one of their biggest gigs ever.

“This Saturday were gearing up for a show with Grieving, Recreations and Tellison, and Recreations are like the side project for the one of the guys in Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly so that’s a pretty big thing for us.”

They seem to be remaining humble though, and enjoying what comes to them. Luke said; “How successful would we want to be? Well it depends on your idea of success. In terms of what we want to do were hitting all the right notes at the moment, getting more popular every gig. It’s a good place to be really.”

Hover Bored will be playing at the Zombie Shack on the 26th November.

By Jamie Tichborne 

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