EVER since their debut album ‘Costello Music’ was released in 2006, Scottish three-piece The Fratellis have cemented themselves as an indie rock band here to stay.

With four albums under their belt, each outdoing the last in marvellous fashion, it seemed only right to celebrate their decorated decade long career by playing their debut album in full, with a few added extras along the way.

Entering the Manchester academy with a basic set-up, they waste no time in entering opener ‘Henrietta’, the high tempo thrill-ride which instantly triggers memories of nostalgia.

The atmosphere is a reflection of the album’s very essence, it’s cheerful and chanty and a mosh pit constantly fading in and out, chorus depending of course.

As the track listing continues, hit after hit is played with energetic exuberance in tracks such as ‘Flathead’ and ‘Cuntry Boys and Girls’.

The album that started the bands career proved that had withstood the test of time as the track listing continues leaves the crowd continuously moving, not once is anyone in the academy standing still.

Despite having four albums and several tracks to be known for, The Fratellis will probably never shake the cult classic that is ‘Chelsea Dagger’. Played everywhere from breaks at the Olympics to random football chants, it’s a track that got the ball rolling and is the track that somehow manages to inject the academy with even more energy.

As ‘For the Girl’ and ‘Everybody knows you cried last night’ leads to the closing track of Costello Music ‘Ole Black n Blue Eyes’, one they didn’t play since 2013 until recently, they then enter a few tracks from their other three albums.

With Eyes Wide Tongue Tied’s ‘Baby don’t you lie to me’ ‘Thief’ lined with We Need Medicine’s ‘Seven Days Seven Night’s’ brings the gig to an end, following frontman Jon Fratelli milking the crowd by frantic guitar strumming.

After thunderous applause coming from the academy demanding an encore, The Scottish three-piece can do no wrong. With ‘Too Much Wine’ and ‘A Heady Tale’ played before a rocked up cover of Dion’s ‘Runaround Sue’ the night of exuberant nostalgia and energetic youth ringing in the ears comes to an end.


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