The Old Nags Head in Deansgate will open its doors to the homeless on Christmas Day.

The Old Nags Head, Jackson Row, Manchester Credit: David Newton
The Old Nags Head, Jackson Row, Manchester
Credit: David Newton

The pub will offer food, clothes and shelter to the vulnerable.

Instead of spending quality time with his family at Christmas, Landlord Sean Brett, 53, is opening up his pub to help those in need.

He said: “The pub is traditionally shut on Christmas day, but there are a lot of homeless people around here, on Deansgate and this area of town.

“I come to work every day, like everybody else does and you see them on the streets and it’s desperate and it seems to be getting worse and worse.

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot that’s happening about it, so, if the pub could do something on Christmas Day, and not just to raise awareness at Christmas but also all year round, I think it is more important.

“It’s gotten everybody talking about it, which they always do at Christmas, but if we can get everybody talking about it through the year, the problem might not be as bad.”

Brett is also very humbled by those who have donated so far: “When we opened at 12, there was an elderly woman at the door offering biscuits and tobacco for the event.

“The amount of support we’ve had already is amazing.”

Brett plans not only to open his pub on Christmas to those in need, but continue with the kind gesture throughout the coming year.

He has already had offers from poets, musicians and various other volunteers offering their time to the cause.

The pub will be open on Christmas Day.

If you are affected by the issues raised in this article and want to talk to someone, you can go to:


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